Rapture Card


The Rapture Card is a credit card-sized piece of plastic that fits right inside your wallet. Because theologians don't yet know whether Jesus will use a bar code reader or a magnetic stripe reader to verify your Rapture Card, we've equipped the Card with a bar code and a magnetic stripe. We've even incorporated an RFID chip to put you in the E-Z Pass lane to Heaven.


If you've passed the Rapture test, buy your Rapture Card now. If not, click the "Take the Test" button to prove your Rapture worthiness.


WARNING! COUNTERFEIT RAPTURE CARDS! Unless you purchase your Rapture CardTM directly from, you're buying a fake. When you buy a bootleg "rapture card," the only person you're hurting is yourself. If a bartender can spot a fake id, then of course God can spot a fake rapture card, and he's promised to cast anyone caught carrying one into Hell. Protect yourself from fraud and eternal damnation by purchasing only authentic, licensed Rapture Certification products.